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Tougher Tactics Desperately Needed to Win War on GMO Food

from huffingtonpost.com: As I listened to the ads from the ill-fated campaign to label genetically modified food in Washington, I felt a sickening case of déjà vu. About a year ago, I wrote a controversial article for the Huffington Post, titled "Ten Grassroots Lessons From Monsanto's Swift Boating of the Prop 37/Label GMO Campaign." To my disappointment, Washington's campaign was making the very same communications error that doomed our effort in California in 2012. And it ended the same way: an initial poll showing 90% of the public supporting labeling was reduced nearly in half, to below 49%, and the ballot measure failed. What I suggested then--and repeat now--is that the decision, by the label GMO campaign managers, to ban all references to food safety and public health, was a lethal error.

#PumpUpThaVolume: July 1, 2022