TPP Negotiators Accused Of Bullying; Refusing To Budge On Ridiculous IP And Corporate Sovereignty Demands

from This is hardly a surprise, but more reports are coming out revealing
that the US’s ongoing strategy in negotiating the TPP (Trans Pacific
Partnership) agreement is to not take into account the many, many
concerns about the US’s hardline, maximalist position on both intellectual property issues and efforts to give corporations sovereignty over national laws
under the misleadingly named (and purposely boring) “investor state
dispute settlements” (ISDS). You would think that with widespread
dissection and concerns expressed about the leaked intellectual property
chapter, that the USTR might possibly ease up on its crazy maximalist
demands. Not so — but that’s to be expected when you have Stan McCoy
as the lead negotiator on intellectual property issues. McCoy is a
famed extreme maximalist on IP issues who has more or less admitted to
having no interest at all in hearing from public interest groups, while lapping up any opportunity to parrot bogus claims from the industry. McCoy was the same guy behind the embarassing disaster known as ACTA,
which flopped so miserably. You’d think he’d take a hint, but instead
it appears he’s decided to dig in his heels and make sure the US
continues to live up to its reputation as an obnoxious bully.

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