Tracy Takes Flak, Obviously Over Target

James Tracy dodges flak for exposing fantastic narratives palmed off as reporting by mainstream media about Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre. “When you’re taking flak, you’re right over the target,” as the saying goes! Tracy hit nerves with his honest writing, one of his articles covered previously here. It’s clear, Anderson Cooper – CIA mole and Vanderbilt family member – wants to make Tracy pay with his job. On 360 program, Cooper takes aim at Tracy with solid credentials as tenured associate professor. Several references are made by Cooper to alternative media, “on a website I’m not going to name,” or “website I’m not going to mention,” only impresses as getting under Cooper’s, i.e., earned the ire of mainstream media. Who are you going to believe? An elitist, self-gratifying, Yale-educated propagandist with little in common with American public or a professor who is on the verge of losing his job for what he believes are fair questions? Cooper manages only to parade mainstream media’s insecurity and anxiety that Professor Tracy has been more persuasive! Again, hats off to Tracy!

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