TSA To Install 200 More Body Scanners

tsa to install 200 more body scannersfrom aviation news: TSA Administrator Kip Hawley, during congressional testimony on May 13, announced plans to deploy hundreds of next generation, multi-view x-ray machines and whole body imagers. During the next two weeks, the agency will install more than 200 of the faster, clearer x-ray machines to airports, including Philadelphia, Washington Dulles and Reagan National, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas and others. The new x-ray machines include multiple views of carry on baggage and a much clearer image, allowing officers to screen carry-on bags with fewer physical searches.

Update: Airport-Style Scanners Now On UK Streets
from this is london: Teams of 15 officers will be deployed across the 10 boroughs in London that have recorded the most knife crime… Police admit the “in your face policing” is expected to raise community tensions in some areas.

flashback: new security camera can ‘see’ through clothes

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