Tuesday Weld = Illuminati Priestess

Tuesday Weld = Illuminati Priestess

You ever wonder why a movie makes little sense?  Adam Gorightly deconstructs 1966 movie, Lord Love a Duck,”  who contends it celebrates initiation  of Tuesday Weld as a Druidic High Priestess.  Gorightly believes Weld  initiated an Illuminati priestess in 1958 and high priestess in 1966.  “Lord Love a Duck” makes little sense,  leading audiences to dismiss it as zany airhead entertainment, but makes more sense if embedded  messages offered by  Gorightly are applied.  Also, there’s interesting insights into beautiful actress, a member of elite Weld family of Massachusetts, who is another mind-controlled starlet compared to Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Sharon Tate.    Weld has considerable gaps in her education that Gorightly suspects represent periods of absence for  intensive progrramming.  A breakdown at age 9 and alcohol problems by age  twelve hint at trauma-based mind control programming.  An idiosyncrasy hints at deeper disturbance just below surface, as Weld’s obsession that cupboard doors be left open, reveals need to see everything.  Terry Thomas, a familiar sixties-era character actor,  Gorightly reports Thomas in his biography said Weld was most frightening person he’d come across.  Weld was seeing actor Gary Lockwood, at the time, and both, were subject to violent moods.

Gorightly decodes Alan Musgrave (Roddy McDowall), who often refers to extinct bird called a “Mollymauk” as an anagram for Ym Mollauk or I’m Molloch (Moloch),  a Canaanite god.  Indeed, Alan seems to operate above and beyond normal limits.  Alan answers door at Barnard home already insinuating himself into househould by the time Barbara Ann (Weld) arrives.     McDowall is a programming twin to Tuesday as another child actor in Gorightly’s estimation.  Alan puts Barbara Ann under a spell at least twice.  Symbolism includes character Sally Grace as representing at times either Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield or Sharon Tate.    Actress Lynn Carey (as Sally Grace) represents Mansfield and Consolidated school football hero Billy Gibbon played by Dave Draper, a Mr. Universe, represents  Mansfield’s boyfriend Mickey Hargitay, a Mr. Universe.  Messages include a comparison to Marilyn Monroe as Mrs. Greene, Barbara Ann’s mother, an aging beauty  commits suicide and sends also message success comes at a cost.  Gorightly suggests Monroe and Mansfield were both considered past their prime, just as Kitten played by Jo Collins, a former Playboy Playmate, is labeled overexposed and to be “kicked upstairs.”   A highly inappropriate scene in movie between Barbara Ann and her father, where there seems to be erotic food play  at a drive-in,  suggests incestuous Illuminati family behavior.

Weld is never seen in a bikini throughout movie, implying she’s not a beach bunny but much more – an Illuminati priestess. Anton Lavey dedicated his Satanic Bible to Weld, who he called embodiment of a “Goddess,” where Monroe only embodied “desire.”  It shouldn’t be overlooked this all took place in 1966, sometimes referred to as dawn of the Age of Satan.     There’s also one out-of-place dude dancing on the beach in a scene who eerily resembles Charles Manson, three years prior to the Tate murder.  Gorightly suspects, it’s symbolic of long range Illuminati planning.   You decide as Gorightly would say! A discussion of Tuesday Weld take places on a 2006 Untamed Dimensions episode with Adam Gorightly.  

The present writer believes case made for symbolism as primary method to communicate messages for those in the know and why some movies make little sense to the rest of us: the profane. It’s also why American Pie by Don McLean still resists comprehension, since it’s symbolic dedicated to his girlfriend at the time.

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