‘Twilight Road’ At Campfire Radio Theater

'Twilight Road' At Campfire Radio TheaterCampfire Radio Theater presents ‘Twilight Road’, an excellent tale for listening on All Hallow’s Eve.  “A young woman, pronounced dead hours earlier, springs to life on the embalming table. Haunted by disembodied voices and recollections of a shadowy afterlife, Cerina is desperate to escape the ghoulish confines of the city morgue. Might she suffer delusions due to her accident or is something far more grisly amiss?” You may find 30 minute tale so entertaining, it’s easy to get hooked! Is there a greater metaphysical reality at hand when Cerina states, “…there is no Twilight Road, it doesn’t exist?” Does Cerina reveal there’s no afterlife just disembodied spirits engaged in an eternal search for the path to heaven? Undertaker Sadler seems convinced of this closely held secret. The present writer loves part, where party chick Cerina comes back to life only to ask dumb questions such as “am I alive or dead?” The question seems only appropriate however as tale reaches climax! The sound effects are top flight! It’s obvious writer, director and producer John Ballentine loves his work! Great Stuff!

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