an ugly mess of news part2

families of 9/11 victims urge reconsideration of settlement rejection*
9/11 victim can’t speak at sentencing hearing*
introducing the uss new york: made from steel from the two towers of 9/11*
utah congressmen mailed ‘9/11 conspiracies’, hand them over to capitol police*
man charged with placing 9/11 stickers on a plane*
boston globe sends alex jones to the memory hole*
arianna confirms censorship of 9/11 truth on huffington post*
9/11: the ship goes down while the band plays on*
chemical traces of high explosives in wtc debris*
9/11 hijacker patsies had fed-gov credit cards in okc*
nyc ballot initiative closing in on 25,000 signatures*

an antichrist obama in mccain ad?*
mein kampf obama*
video: obama confronted on federal reserve, brzezinski agenda & 9/11

police state usa
governor wants speed cameras on illinois interstates*
fairfax county to conduct video surveillance on high school lunch lines*
nra accused of paying mole in gun-control groups*
pro-national id card propaganda*
pr. george’s officers lacked ‘no-knock’ warrant in raid*
ohio natl guard to conduct homeland defense/homeland security exercise*
blackwater now in the private intelligence business*
mccain suggests military-style invasion modeled on the surge to control inner city crime*
mccain: US neighborhoods need iraq-style ‘surge’*
fired by mndot, now at homeland security*
is the dea contracting blackwater?*
homeland security: all your laptops are belong to us*
fbi seizes local maryland library computers*
rand says ‘we don’t need a ‘war on terror’*

nasa denies rumors of finding life on mars*
‘greenshirt’ youths urged to inform on eco-crimes*
plutonium leak at iaea contained*
‘unusual event’ at prairie island nuclear plant*
‘major discovery’ from mit primed to unleash solar revolution*
defense chiefs admit to nuclear deaths*
natl guard warns soldiers of chemical exposure*
nasa lander may have found toxic substance on mars*

assassinations, white house child prostitution, cover-ups & terrorism*
gerald ford, jfk & the fbi

oxycontin bust nets 56 miami/dade government employees*
florida cops deny responsibility in death of pot ‘criminal’*
pointing to drug law hypocrisy, pro-pot group labels cindy mccain ‘dealer’*
guns & poppies*

beck: batman vindicates bush’s ‘conservative values on the war on terror’*
batman & the war on terror*
what you should know about the associated press & what you’re not learning from them*
‘police call’ publisher gene costin dead at 80*

britain admits veterans exposed to radiation*
the bombs of august: in remembrance of hiroshima & nagasaki*
sea unearths secret nazi bunkers that lay hidden for more than 50 years*
knights templar heirs in legal battle with the pope*
cecil rhodes & the round table group*

burma: 8/8/88 anniversary protest begins*
is pakistan’s ‘public enemy #1’ a cia asset? of course he is! otherwise he’d have been dead a long time ago*
berlusconi puts troops on patrol in rome*
convicted spy pollard sues israel*
olympic reporters’ guide to labour camps published*
US cyclists fly into china with face masks*
strong quake hits china’s sichuan ahead of games*
bae, terror scam heads east: china & india, ohio promises pandemic*
tarpley: chinese terror attack a harbinger of much worse to come*
american expatriates caught up in indian bomb blast inquiry*
fake elections, saic, russia war games & pmc news*
after rape victim used cell phone to call for help, kbr bans use of personal phones in iraq*
feith’s office of special plans behind iraq/al-qaeda forgery*

get outraged & get active about internet censorship*
there is going to be an i9/11 & an iPatriot act*

roads & airports being sold to private investors*
william greider raps predatory usury schemes*

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