an ugly mess of news part1

poll: what happened on 9/11?*
anthrax scare sparked tough tactics*
billboard displays burning wtc with slogan, ‘please don’t vote for a democrat’*
billboard displaying burning twin towers reads ‘please don’t vote for a democrat’*
‘9/11 could have been prevented if we’d had a republican president.’*
bin laden driver wants ‘9/11 braintrust’ as witnesses*
nyc 9/11 ballot initiative & bob mcilvaine interview & wayne madsen on inn*
an untold story of 9/11*
september 11th families to descend*
wtc site will be open again to families on 9/11*
major 9/11 exclusive on deadline live w/ jack blood*
the last nail in the coffin of the 9/11 myth: atta in okc sept ’01*
video: we are change confronts christie todd whitman*
alleged 9/11 mastermind may testify in hamdan’s trial
who knows what happened on 9/11?*
police saw military personnel, stealing debris from pentagon crash site*
video: omega presents pdx 9/11 truth*
actress heather thomas latest celebrity to question 9/11*
tmz picks up heather thomas’ comments about 9/11*

selection ’08
obama’s plane – passengers were told they might have to assume brace position*
greens nominate mckinney for president*
cynthia mckinney green party presidential candidate speaks at the convention*
gop asks net for advice, paulites answer the call … and answer, and answer*
a cast of 300 advises obama on foreign policy*
the democrats are the real problem*
nader’s campaign to receive presidential matching funds*
bill clinton says barack obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support*
barack obama: what if … ?*
obama’s political prisoner larry sinclair freed*
the dedication of ron paul*
mccain says only wwIII would justify draft*

police state usa
US military to patrol internet*
resource wars will be managed by a ‘pandemic’*
slideshow: cold war mountain*
fbi investigates prison guards in inmate death*
new fbi database to include photos & palm prints
pentagon getting more eyes in the sky
pentagon plans more spy satellite purchases
utility workers hired as stasi informants in colorado, california & arizona
police ‘torture’ videos cause uproar in mexico
man sues wal-mart
fusion centers: implementing the control grid
US contractor leads torture training in mexico
dhs considering shock bracelet for airline passengers
cia expert: terror threat exaggerated
fbi agent indicted in chihuahua’s shooting death
daytona beach cop fired for demanding free coffee
jury awards $3.7m in prince george’s police shooting
death of prince george’s suspect is ruled a homicide
fcs, au terror bunker, goldman sachs/india billionaire
secret bunker ready in case of terrorist attack*
gun-grabbers at the chicago tribune*
three jfk airport plot suspects to be brought back from trinidad*
3 deny JFK terror plot claims*
duke holds campus gunman simulation*
seizing laptops & cameras without cause*
elites seek control over rising cashless society*
corporate media loathe to explain real outrage behind terror comments*
mandatory in-car breathalyzers coming?*
uk police ads, rimpac, fcs, drills/x’s +*
mr. bush goes to gitmo: how the patriot act makes bush a ‘terrorist’!*
video: war camp kids chant ‘ooh, aah, ooh, aah, I want to kill somebody.’*

US charges guantanamo detainee in uss cole bombing
ahmadinejad target of ‘rome x-ray plot’, diplomat says
pentagon making case against iran
bilderberg researcher arrested in britain
mexican army members busted for home invasion & murder
ray mcgovern warns of “false flag attack” & possible nuclear strikes on iran
new hampshire will accept oil from chavez

cfr zionist demon to be top air force man
think you’re not part of the military-industrial complex? think again
torture chamber music
air force finds lax nuclear security
booz, allen & hamilton, the army’s accomplice in southeast colorado
more than 1 in 10 army recruits now given “moral waivers”
game controllers driving drones, nukes
future combat systems accelerated
americans die in iraq from ‘electrocution’; shocks reported by troops ‘almost daily’*
military branches combine for joint lightning*
raytheon borrows from gaming technology*
darpa plans soldier-tagging system for US troops*

2 peer-reviewed scientific papers debunk co2 myth*
7 graphs to end the warming hype*
group of 50k scientists disbelieve global warming*
vaccinated chickens in vietnam die of bird flu*
video: 10 things you should eliminate from your diet today*
population control: the eugenics connection*
national pro-life student group exposing racism of abortion business founder*

why was jfk murdered?
jfk to debut on blu-ray nov 11
why was jfk murdered?
‘jfk’ on blu-ray
jfk ultimate collector’s edition announced for blu-ray

drug smugglers bribing US agents on border

right-wing apoplectic over pixar’s wall*e: ‘malthusian fear mongering,’ ‘fascistic elements’
wall*e: a world without us
wall*e merchandise hits the streets
wall*e for president

US wanted to test sarin on australian troops: report
nazi doctor ‘is alive in chile’
freemason north american union pyramids in princeton, west virginia
1991 cnn report: secret succession plans would grant cheney special authorities during disaster
propaganda: from the class room to hollywood – the scientific outlook part 4

missing millionaire’s body found
millionaire software designer vanishes, wife pleads for help
why vincent bugliosi’s ‘bush is a murderer’ book is too risque
the debate is over: waterboarding is torture
video: christopher hitchens is waterboarded
stupid is as hitchens does
want to know if waterboarding is torture? ask christopher hitchens
texas man cleared for shooting neighbor’s burglars
cult leader moon injured in helicopter crash*

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