UK police adorn nazi chic

Uniforms begin to befit fascist policies abolishing freedom of speech
UK police adorn nazi chicfrom propaganda matrix: British police have been photographed wearing bizarre Nazi-like insignia on their uniforms as the attire of Tony Blair’s enforcers begins to compliment the totalitarian society the Prime Minister is creating by openly abolishing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly under draconian crime and terror laws.

The image was sent to us by a protester who joined around 200 others to march against the presence of the British National Party in Blackpool England on Saturday. Many consider the BNP to be a neo-Nazi front organization but some demonstrators probably left the event more worried about the similar direction in which UK police are heading, as exemplified by their changing uniforms.

The police officer photographed is wearing black attire that clearly bears the logo of a yellow lightening strike on a red background. It looks somewhat like a single ‘S’ as oppose to the double ‘SS’ worn by Hitler’s feared Schutzstaffel, otherwise known as the Waffen SS, the Fuhrer’s bodyguards who later grew to become the elite corps of the third reich’s army.

The “sieg heil” hand salute is purely coincidental but it marries the context.

The double-Sig Rune SS insignia.Should Brits be a little concerned that a branch of their police is wearing insignia that wouldn’t look out of place in 1930’s Nazi Germany? Allied to the fascist policies that have all but ended every fundamental freedom in the country under the stewardship of Tony Blair, it seems this is just the natural progression for the proto-dictatorship, where you are completely free so long as you don’t exercise any of your freedoms.

Blair has created over 3,000 new criminal offences during his time in office – one for every day of his tenure and six times the amount created by Tory predecessors John Major and Margaret Thatcher. Allied with a raft of authoritarian anti-terror legislation, social behavior mandates and hate speech restrictions – ridiculous measures such as criminalizing the nomination of a neighbor to turn off your house alarm have also been introduced.

The so-called ‘liberal’ Blair has instituted a police state that obliterates anything the traditionally imperious Tories could ever get through.

In addition to the frenzied lawmaking, Blair has overseen the abolition of jury rights, handing cases likely to last over 3 months to the dictate of a single judge, criminalized any protest not authorized by the government under the Serious Organised Crime Act, mandated the entry of any protester into a terror database upon police questioning, created glorification of terror laws that are so sweeping they could apply to any form of free speech, eradicated habeas corpus by introducing house arrests and ever-increasing time lengths of detention without charge, attacked the notion of guilty until proven innocent by imposing curfews for under 16’s, supported the use of intelligence knowingly obtained from torture in Uzbekistan and allowed the use of British airports for the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of terror suspects, created framework for the introduction of mandatory ID cards and implemented a national DNA database that stores records for eternity even if the suspect is acquitted of their crime.

Using the fear of terror, Blair has presided over the destruction of liberty in Britain.

We should remember that the bobby on the beat does not craft the policies and does not design the uniform, this is merely an outward expression of the deliberate fostering of authoritarianism that the world has been forced to labor under since 9/11.

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