Under the Desert: The Megalithic Osirion of Egypt

 from BrienFoerster: “What you are looking at is the horizon, and what’s incredible is this: which is under the horizon. This is the Osirion, whereas the temple of Osiris is made out of limestone, which is recently soft material, this is made out of granite – red granite from Azwan(?) .. So it had to be moved about 200 miles, each block, to its present location, conservatively estimated that the bigger blocks are at least 65 tons each in weight. So the question is, how was it shaped, being such a hard rock? And also, not only that, how was it moved, how was it finished? And why is it seemingly underground? Some of the conventional Egyptologists believe that the Osirion was built at the same time as the temple of Osiris, but the materials are completely different – this being much more difficult to work with. And again, this is so much lower below the ground, or present day ground. This could’ve actually been ground level at the time of its construction, much, much older than conventional archaeology tells us. And that tube-like tunnel is much more modern. It’s the giant blocks, and the fact that there is no mortar or cement or glue, they sit on top of each other.” – Brien Foerster, Peruvian expert & sculptor from The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism

At the very least, it is food for thought concerning the engineering mysteries of Ancient Egypt, and this short video is worth the watch, seeing as it is full of excellent visuals. The megalithic is a mega-curious subject matter, considering what it takes to transport gigantic blocks of granite hundreds of miles… other reading recommended: The Giza Power Plant : Technologies of Ancient Egypt

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