US & mexico near deal to up war on drugs

yeah, i can hear the ‘deal’ now…

USA: ok, you guys keep bringing us drugs through our wide open border.

MEX: and then you guys arrest the border guards that try to stop us.

USA: hell, we’ll even arrest our own citizens for doing the drugs we bring in!

ALL: Hahahahaahhahaahhahahahaa! What a scam!

US & mexico near deal to up war on drugsfrom raw story: The US government is closing in on a deal with Mexico to launch a major fight against the violent drug cartels there, a report said Wednesday.

Negotiators on both sides are close to agreeing a US aid package for Mexico which would include telephone-tapping equipment and radars to track traffickers as they ship the drugs, the Washington Post reported, citing US lawmakers and Mexican authorities.

Mexico is a major hub for trafficking drugs, including Colombian cocaine, to the United States. It has been plagued by violence involving the cartels which has left thousands dead in the past year, including dozens of police.

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