U.S. missiles save Lebanese lives

from raw story: On Fox News Sunday, Paul Gigot, Editorial Page Director for the Wall Street Journal, indicated his support for rushing U.S. more missiles to Israel. Gigot argued that precise targeting abilities of U.S. missiles would reduce the number of civilian casualties.

After implying that accelerated delivery of U.S. missiles to Israel is a humanitarian action, Juan Williams remarked that powerful “bunker buster” bombs were being shipped to Israel. Gigot exclaimed, “Thank God, for the ‘Bunker Busters’.”

JUAN WILLIAMS: …but the [Arab] people, the people, are angry at Israel and the United States and see this as a one-sided deal. The U.S. speeding delivery of more military munitions, more F-15’s. U.S. made fighter jets, bombing away at Lebanon. How do you imagine that won’t result in animosity and generations of people who are just furious.

PAUL GIGOT: So you’re furious because we’re sending target weapons, these smart weapons that can explicitly…

WILLIAMS: Oh, have you seen the pictures [of Lebanon], Paul?

GIGOT: Look, it’s a very difficult situation. The smart weapons actually do less damage. We ought to speed more weapons over there because it will do less damage to civilians.

WILLIAMS: I think the weapons they are speeding over there are those ‘bunker busters.’

GIGOT: Thank God for the ‘bunker busters’ because they are able to get to people 100 feet down.

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