US + poland X russia + syria = $#%!

US & poland finalize deal to install missile shield
US & poland finalize deal to install missile shieldfrom washington post: The United States and Poland signed an agreement here yesterday to place parts of a US missile defense system on Polish territory, finalizing a long- negotiated deal in the face of Russian warnings that Poland would become a potential target for attack. At a signing ceremony with the Polish political leadership, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the system, which will place 10 missile interceptors and more than 100 US troops here, will “help us to respond to the threats of the 21st century.”
update: fightin’ words as US & poland sign missile defense deal

syria signs defense pact with russia
syria signs defense pact with russiafrom times online: Syria sought to revive its security alliance with Russia today, when President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Moscow to clinch a series of military agreements, raising fears that the new Cold War that has erupted in the Caucasus will spill over into the Middle East. “Our position is that we are ready to co-operate with Russia in any project that can strengthen its security,” the Syrian leader told Russian newspapers at the start of his two-day trip. “I think Russia really has to think of the response it will make when it finds itself closed in a circle.”

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