‘vice president’ makes ‘joke’ about ‘inbred’ west virginia

i’ve got a joke for you, too, dick: have you heard the one about the draft-dodging, drunk-driving, friend-shooting, war-profiteering scumfuck? he went to the hague for war crimes!

from kurt nimmo: It’s the real Cheney – a vicious “joke” teller, slamming the people of West Virginia as inbred. Dick does not have a sensitive bone in his body, obviously not giving a hoot about the people of West Virginia because, as he declares in the video here, he is not running for re-election, so what the heck? “Mr. Cheney was the keynote speaker at a journalism awards luncheon hosted by the Gerald R. Ford Foundation… the vice president did use the question-and-answer session to reveal a lighter side of himself, all the while throwing in a few characteristic zingers,” reports the New York Times.

Dick’s “light” side? Of course, as the point man in the White House for the neocons, this “light” side took on a horrific dimension, resulting in Dick’s orchestration of premeditated murder of more than a million Iraqis, to say nothing the possible additional millions who die from cancer due to the massive use of depleted uranium in that country. Considered in this light, Cheney’s “zinger” at the National Press Club is a mote of dust by way of comparison. Instead of becoming nauseated, the press “burst out laughing” at Dick’s “deadpan” slander of the people of West Virginia. Not all that surprising, as the corporate media, to this day, refuses to admit its role in mass murder.

and then byrd had to go to the hospital

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