video: kucinich speaks out against afghaniraq wars

…the man the democrats should’ve nominated…
from raw replay: Rep. Dennis Kucinich spoke out against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the House floor Wednesday … from C-SPAN, broadcast June 10, 2009.

dennis kucinich asks: ‘who are these people?’
from poscdpcboet: Whether or not it is a rhetorical question is up to you.

aren’t these the questions that the supposed left wants answered?

aren’t these the ideals the fake left claims to embody?

aren’t you f*cking ashamed that you didn’t vote w/ your heart instead of voting for a ‘winner’?

you will be.

flashback: kucinich presents bush impeachment articles

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  1. […] week after declaring that the United States “cannot afford” the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq “financially or spiritually,” Ohio’s Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a staunch anti-war crusader, took aim at Congress for […]

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