Virus Pandemic = More Predictive Programming

Is there a virus spreading in Florida? It isn’t hype, just a question, in light of recent outbreaks in South Florida. The present writer gets nervous, when accosted by input that seems to coalesce into themes and flow like a scripted story? Contagion comes to mind, a 2011 movie about containing a virus outbreak. Are we being familiarized with a fate designated for us? Is it just a movie or predictive programming?

You begin to wonder when official sources such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC) seem to participate? The CDC has its own graphic novel: Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic, possibly a parallel to what occurs in other professions? Firefighters are known to light their own fires to seize opportunity to become heroes–why not the disease controllers? Could a criminal elite be so far gone they order release of a virus for purpose of pandemic? It sounds out there, but more bizarre examples–such as the Causeway Cannibal–make odds tilt toward a government role with access to exotic agents? It also seems a return to the virus scares of the past decade: Anthrax and SARS. A grimmer prospect is to consider CDC emergency kits as overnight bags on the way to a FEMA camp. The present writer suspects this is only one plot of many that could target Americans, they are going to get you one way or another!

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