vote ‘none of the above’

here’s a great letter to the editor in the statesmen-journal. it’s from a few weeks ago & it reminds me of what jello biafra used to talk about…

“It is time for a new candidate for all of the elections held. The new candidate should be “none of the above.” If none of the above wins the majority of the votes, the incumbent shall stay in office until a new election is held. The previous candidates will not be allowed to run for the position they failed to win the majority of votes in.

The elected officials we have in office now have lost touch with reality and our previous mistakes. Vietnam, we were saving the country from communism. Didn’t work, did it? Our forced guest-worker program (slavery) didn’t work, and we still have not solved the problems it created over 100 years later.

We need people to run for office that want to solve our problems at home, not the world’s problems. If Iran and North Korea want to build a nuclear bomb, they will. Just send them a note based on the old Cold War mutually-assured destruction principle; it worked.

It’s time to get our noses out of other countries’ business and adhere to the principle that if those people want to change their government, it is their right to do it; not ours.”

— Leonard W. Zinda, Salem

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