waco, columbine & okc

from lew rockwell: Thirteen years ago the federal government of the United States ended its altercation with a group of peaceful religious separatists – a conflict the government had initiated – by driving a tank through the Branch Davidians’ home and church, pumping the interior with poisonous gas, and keeping the fire engines at a distance while the building and the people inside burned. For many Americans, Waco represented the nightmare their government had become.

from westword: Are Columbine‘s remaining secrets too dangerous for the public to know — or too embarrassing for officials to reveal? Seized by Jefferson County investigators right after the shootings, the [basement] tapes have been sitting in an evidence vault for the past seven years, seen by almost no one — except, of course, a small army of cops, attorneys, reporters, victims’ families, expert witnesses and assorted hangers-on.

from msnbc: More involved in Oklahoma City bombing? On 11th anniversary, Rita Cosby talks to Terry Nichols’ son, Josh Nichols…

COSBY: Do you believe what your dad is ready to say about the Oklahoma City bombing could hurt the U.S. government?

NICHOLS: I believe it could.

COSBY: And how so?

NICHOLS: Because he knows what happened that day. He knows what happened in Oklahoma City.

COSBY: And how many others do you believe are involved?

NICHOLS: I couldn’t put a number on it, you know? It could be five, it could be 10, it could be more, but there has to be others involved.

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