Wall Street Whistleblower Proves Money Never Sleeps

(For the audio-only version, check out Peace Revolution Episode003)
Wall Street Whistleblower Proves Money Never Sleepsfrom divergent films: Officially titled; “20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline“, this interview also includes solutions, documents and references, and asks only that you consider the information – to think for yourself – and communicate with others in order to achieve a higher-level of awareness.

This presentation is offered commercial-free as a public service thanks to an international joint-venture between Divergentfilms Canada, http://www.TragedyandHope.com and http://www.PeaceRevolution.org

Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker Paul Verge brings us a revealing interview with Richard Andrew Grove which exposes the (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) of the recent economic decline, how it was legislated into existence, defended by corporate media and political “watch-dogs”; and allowed to drain America of nearly $200 Trillion Dollars… through a series of Ponzi-Schemes which could have and should have been exposed years earlier… but weren’t.

A unique DVD / DVD-ROM offers the main feature (20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline) with bonus features of:
1) Project Constellation (2006),
2) The Peace Revolution Podcast: The Million Dollar Education (2010), and
3) a DVD-ROM feature containing some of the most useful media files you’ll ever discover.

If you would like a DVD, simply donate $10 to any of the independent media sites listed below; who have (since 2006) supported our work:

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  1. N8 Avatar

    Great work James! I'm stoked about all of the different projects you're working on, besides the huge amount of work you put into the site and shows, it was great hearing you on KUFO with Clyde Lewis, you guys were a blast to listen to! And I hope you make chatting with Richard and James Corbett a habit, that covered so much, and it was great to follow along. So if I want a copy of 20/20 Hindsight, how do I donate to Media Monarchy? I know you've got a lot on your plate, but I've been wanting to help out for a while now… and who knows how long we'll still have unfettered access to the internet? Take care, I look forward to whatever you come up with next!

  2. @PumpUpThaVolume Avatar

    i'm working on having a bank account/donate button in the coming days … thanks & stay tuned!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    It's funny that the list of recipients of donations to receive the 20/20 Hindsight DVD are all of my favorite podcasts! I would donate to all of you guys if I had the cash! What a damn shame that the network nightly news anchors weren't:

    ABC: James Corbett
    NBC: James Evan Pilato
    CBS: Richard Grove
    FOX: Jan Irvin

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