warwhores: diplomacy, documents, defense & diversions

obama never considered diplomacy in afghanistan*
obama never considered diplomacy in afghanistan4 US troops killed in afghanistan*
the surge: the untold story‘ – film offers gospel of surge*
more troops to afghanistan, but what will they do?*
2 nato commanders wore nazi regalia in afghanistan*
obama’s new afghanistan plan may be much like old one*
leaked docs reveal uk cover-up over iraq invasion*
iraq inquiry: tony blair ‘agreed to regime change’ in meeting at bush’s ranch*
secret report: blair misled public throughout 2002*
sony still subsidizing US military supercomputer efforts*
US will not join treaty banning landmines*
obama admin says ‘we would not be able to meet our national defense needs nor our security commitments’ without landmines*
ousted minot commander westa to retire*
flashback: minot afb nukes oddities*
US to station troops in poland for first time*
last airplanes depart from closing naval air station in brunswick, maine*
checking video games for war crimes*
playing by the rules: applying international humanitarian law to video & computer games‘*

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