warwhores: failure, funding & finding

global warfare USA: the world is the pentagon’s oyster*
global warfare USA: the world is the pentagon's oysterarmy sends infant to protective services, mom to afghanistan*
US army arrests mother who failed to turn up for afghanistan deployment*
army suicides set another yearly record*
nato chief: quick exit from afghanistan will unleash ‘global jihad’*
how the US funds the taliban*
US unveils extended bagram prison*

high costs weigh on troop debate for afghan war*
darpa ‘liquid laser’ gunship program pushes ahead*
israelis want a pain ray of their own*
video: abc finds location of secret cia ‘torture’ prison*
top US officer: we have until may to reconsider iraq drawdown plan*
video: fred thompson says afghanistan war ‘already lost’*
in nod to global warming, navy preps for ‘ice-free’ arctic*
video: afghanisurge may leave no brigades in reserve*

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