warwhores: killing hope, sowing terror, torture tech & force protect

mcchrystal preparing new afghan war strategy*
mcchrystal preparing new afghan war strategycia/media war on ‘conspiracy theorists’: invisible history, afghanistan’s untold story, is no theory*
civilian toll rising in afghanistan, un report says*
killing hope, sowing terror:
the assassination bureau
more innocents caught in afghanistan’s crossfire*
air force in a-stan: still dropping bombs*
christians largely mum on torture*
landing gadget could let drones see like pilots*
cia drone targeting tech revealed, qaeda claims*
raytheon’s rise in profits reflects new world order*
raytheon pain ray’s first commercial sale looms*
saic awarded US air force contract to provide worldwide force protection security services*
US wants to make 30k pound bomb*
photo gallery: inside alaska’s answer to area 51 – haarp*
think tank: china beats US in simulated taiwan air war*
senator says army failed to protect troops from ‘deadly poison’ in iraq*

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