warwhores: sloganeering, psyops, satellites & suicides

sailors take aim at new recruiting slogan: ‘a global force for good’*
sailors take aim at new recruiting slogan: 'a global force for good'US army cancels plan to send another brigade to iraq*
US to make blackwater-style entry into somalia*
US after new military ventures in africa*
US largesse keeps african militaries rolling*
photos of military deaths in afghanistan banned*
$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in afghanistan*
video: posner says taliban trying to addict US soldiers to heroin
(when they roll this guy out, you know they’re shovelin’ it…)*
al-qaeda big wig killed. again.*
america’s phoney war in afghanistan*
white house rejects cheney’s afghanistan criticism*
pentagon opposed measure to help rape victims*
unfriendly fire: a close look at pat tillman*
US fighter-jets collide off south carolina*
iron eagle: john elway’s awesomely bad anti-terror vid*
administration fights to protect secret propaganda budget*
pentagon used psyops on US public, docs show*
olympia antiwar group succeeds despite infiltration*
saic awarded $95m contract to support natl guard bureau*
admiral: i can empty guantánamo camps in 10 days*
nro pledges on-budget spy sats*
ex-gi sentenced for child-sex videos*
US soldier commits suicide in indiana theater during ‘zombieland’*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Never can one be programmed to witness, commit and be violent against ones own spirit. You can train a soldier but their true spirit remains intact, we are witnessing the tragic scenarios that will be played out more and more as our soldiers continue to come home. We need global peace NOW! War is not fought on the battlefields it is fought in the minds of people!

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