warwhores: spy surge, drones, dirigibles & future wars

what can americans do to oppose the warfare state?*
what can americans do to oppose the warfare state?military growing impatient with obama on afghanistan*
cia launching spy ‘surge’ into afghanistan*
mcchrystal troop boost comes friday 9/25*
reading the mcchrystal report: interesting times*
air force crashes out-of-control drone in afghanistan*

inside bob gates’ overhaul of the pentagon*
science behind US coercive interrogations missing in action*
US to deploy ‘optionally manned’ hover-dirigible in 2011*
army wants ideas on future wars*
district 9: smart guns that read your dna*
saic moves corporate headquarters to mclean, virginia*
the untold story of saic, network solutions & the rise of the web*

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