Weather Report: Project Blue Beam In The Air?

pay your carbon taxes or space aliens will attack!*
Weather Report: Project Blue Beam In The Air?A Blacklisted News article reports on recent “alien invasion” references by controlled corporate mouthpieces Michio Kaku and Paul Krugman. Kaku repeats the Ronald Reagan platitude that all the world would forget their local differences under a common threat from an alien species. Krugman throws in crackpot oligarch view that an alien invasion would bring us out of depression! The article links references to NASA Project Blue Beam. Serge Monast possibly did more than anyone to warn of this threat to bring about a New World Order and died under suspicious circumstances.

A hoaxed alien invasion through the use of holographic images seems more real than ever, pictured is a “mirage” in China. Monast believed UFO sightings were projected images, he also spelled out in steps how the takeover would occur. Mind control is an important step, achieved through VLF, ELF frequencies saturating the Earth from satellites. Dr Carol Rosin has revealed, when working with space engineer, Wernher von Braun how the agenda would be fulfilled – weaponization of space – through an enemies list: communists, terrorists, nations of concern, asteroids and aliens. The list would fuel budgets to get more equipment (weapons) into space. Rosin emphasizes the extent von Braun was apparently preoccupied with this crackpot agenda. We seem to be well down the path and there will not be a Scotty from Star Trek to greet you, when you’re beamed up in a faked Rapture! Is it only a sci-fi psyop?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The UFO phenomenon is in all likelihood complex and multifaceted and possibly beyond our understanding (I doubt it's extraterrestrials, but I've been convinced that it isn't *entirely* fraudulent or faked or hallucinated either – see Jacques Valle and Colm Kelleher / George Knapp).

    That said, there is evidence that the U.S. military and intelligence community have used "UFO nuts" as "useful idiots" (see the book Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth by Greg Bishop, or search for "Richard Doty" on Google). It's basically uncontested that UFO/ET beliefs have been a part of military psyops in the past(for instance, both the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. promoted and exploited the idea as cover for cold war rocket tests and experimental aircraft).

    With that in mind, here is some fascinating meticulous research about how microwave, laser, or particle beams and controlled plasma phenomenon could simulate UFOs and even abduction experiences (plasma discharges various kinds of radiation, including microwaves capable of affecting the human nervous system). This is basically the nuts and bolts of faking UFO or ET encounters (which surprisingly was technically feasible as far back as the 1940s/50s):

  2. Terracer Avatar

    I can believe everything written above. If you have time, take a close look at the pseudo clouds formed by the chemicals sprayed under the guise of "geo-engineering". These things appear full of entities, particularly interesting are the ones identical to the little fellas "morgellons" victims have been seeing under their microscope. Is there a connection between the two? You bet there is! It is all (IMHO) a working operation to scare the BeeJesus (no pun intended) out of everyone so they'll look to their government to save them..even if it means enslavement. 'Crazy..

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