Weekend War Losses In Afghanistan Worst Ever for US Empire

Seal Team Six destroyed to cover up Osama execution hoax?
Seal Team Six destroyed to cover up Osama execution hoax?from allgov: America’s elite Navy SEALs have again borne the worst of the Afghanistan war for the U.S. military, losing 22 commandoes on Saturday in the single deadliest day since the conflict began almost ten years agoMost of the SEALS were part of Team 6, the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden. However, according to the Pentagon, none of the men killed over the weekend took part in the bin Laden raid. There is no way to confirm this because the U.S. has kept secret the names of the men involved in the bin Laden killing in order to protect them from direct retaliation.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Interestingly, the government now claims that the RPG-gunners who shot down the chopper got railed shortly after.

    Ah, yes, swift vengeance.

    Funny, it's like a plot for a cheap, pentagon sponsored movie about the awesome American war machine and the studly heroes out the land o' the brave..

    Much like the crappy pentagon sponsored movie about the Bin Laden "killing" that's coming out one month before the 2012 election….

    Reality is being displayed like a freakin' movie in front of our eyes. Wag the dog, anyone?

  2. […] sultry drama continues after seal team 6 assassinated* from nytimes: In the days after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Pakistan’s intelligence […]

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