welcome to new world order college

from truthnews: In addition to degrees in “homeland security” – primarily consisting of an education consisting of snooping on neighbors, sort of like the Youth League spies in Orwell’s dystopian novel – now we have the New World Order college. The Associated Press reports:

Oklahoma City Community College is 1 of 20 junior colleges across the nation joining in the creation of what is being called the Global Corporate College.

OCCC officials say the Global Corporate College has a mission of providing high-quality, standardized training for employees of companies that have a national and-or an international presence.

Among the goals of the GCC is to develop quality standards for curricula, delivery, facilities, instructors and customer service.

The GCC’s headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio, and plans are for its first international office to be established later this year in Beijing.

A branch office in Beijing. Now isn’t that significant, as China is the corporate model for the future, a not too distant future complete with slave labor gulags cranking out toxic plastic toys and dog food. Of course, a new generation of overseers and taskmasters will be required and that’s where the Global Corporate College, aka the New World Order College, comes into play.

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