West Virginia Woes: My Home State Whores For Hillary

Clinton Easily Wins West Virginia
Clinton Easily Wins West Virginiafrom guardian: Questions about Barack Obama’s inability to win over white, working-class voters were raised again tonight when Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory in West Virginia, one of the last contests of a prolonged primary season. Exit polls indicated she had won the state easily, by a margin of two to one. In spite of her win, she is too far behind Obama in terms of delegates – who will decide the Democratic nomination – to catch him.

West Virginian Refuses To Believe Obama Not Muslim
from raw replay: ABC News talked to a voter in West Virginia who says she will not vote for Barack Obama because he is a Muslim. After being corrected by the ABC News reporter, the voter refused to believe that Barack Obama is not a Muslim. This video is from ABC’s Good Morning America, broadcast May 13, 2008.

Clinton Spends Mother’s Day Campaigning In West Virginia
Clinton Spends Mother's Day Campaigning In West Virginiafrom examiner: Her presidential bid needs a miracle, so Hillary Rodham Clinton prayed for one Sunday in church. Arriving amid thunderstorms, Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, took seats in the second row of First United Methodist Church and listened to a sermon about Mother’s Day… She planned an afternoon visit to the home of Anna Jarvis, who is credited with founding the holiday 100 years ago.

Billy Gets Mad At My Old High School
from raw replay: While campaigning in Fayetteville, W.Va., Bill Clinton argued with an audience member over claims made by Hillary Clinton that she improved health care during his administration.

West Virginia Could Spell Trouble For Obama
West Virginia Could Spell Trouble For Obamafrom los angeles times: Nearly 97% white, the county is as conflicted as any rural and working-class Democratic bastion as it struggles to adjust to the likely prospect of the party nominating its first African American presidential candidate…

“I’m not yet convinced that Barack Obama is more substance than fluff,” said Clyde M. See Jr., a former Democratic speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates and two-time gubernatorial candidate who heads a small law practice in Moorefield, the county seat. “He’s a fine speaker, mind you, but I’m still not sure he’s got the right stuff to win the general election.”

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