what does germany know? is it only stuxnet?

what does germany know? is it only stuxnet? Why has Germany taken the drastic action of shutting down its seven oldest reactors and doing safety checks for the remaining online nuclear plants, is it Stuxnet? The German nuclear power industry may have decided to act before there is another Chernobyl or Fukushima? Stuxnet is a demonstrated threat. Is it the Germans only concern?

In a PAKCONNECTS post, “Why Merkel hurriedly ordered the shut down of German reactors? Israel!“, possible reasons for concern are cited, “Germany has pulled out of NATO operations due to disagreements over the mission in Libya…voted in favor of a UN Security Council resolution calling the Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory illegal…” The Japanese have, also, sided with the Palestinians. The post continues with another observation, “…same Israeli company providing ‘security’ to Japan’s reactors is the one that’s also responsible for the nukes in Germany.”

On March 16th, the Puma chopper of German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered simultaneous flameouts of both engines. The helicopter is nearly new and had only dropped off Merkel a couple hours before. You can view the Eurocopter here. Are there threats being made behind the scenes?

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