what if the fbi hired someone honest to look into 9/11?

what if the fbi hired someone honest to look into 9/11?from 9/11 blogger/op-ed news: It did. Her name was Sibel Edmonds. This is her story, as she told it to me. Edmonds discusses what she knows, whom it implicates, and what she’s been through and what hope there is in the new Congress to start an investigation.

Here’s the audio listen to the sibel edmonds interview.

Edmonds: The most important thing is there are individuals who are engaged in acts of treason, okay. People from the State Dept, people from the Pentagon… Because when you are looking at organizations like the American Turkish Council here, and you see the sister organization is AIPAC… You know, I don’t understand how the case only ended up stopping with Larry Franklin – and I still can’t believe that the evidence that they had from the parallel investigation didn’t get its way into the court. You need to look at individuals like Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Marc Grossman, Dennis Hastert, and others. And documented evidence they have collected on these people. What are they doing with this information?

[GW‘s comment: Please remember to call Congressman Waxman to urge him to “let Sibel speak”. We all know that 9/11 truth is a hands-on project, not a spectator sport.]

[UPDATE: Apparently, a few Congress critters will try tomorrow to block whistleblower reforms, which will also effect Sibel Edmonds]

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