What Lies Beyond Event Horizon of a Black Hole?

What Lies Beyond Event Horizon of a Black Hole?Advanced astrophysics doesn’t have to be dry or boring. Dan Evans, an MIT researcher, will stimulate imagination by considering in article at The Daily Galaxy, “What Lies Beyond the Event Horizon of a Black Hole?” Evans suggests the “radio loud” active galactic nuclei or black hole, at the center of most observed galaxies that emit perpendicular jets (pictured), are spinning in the opposite direction of clumps of gas and dust termed–accretion discs–just outside the black hole itself. For the incurably curious, the real question is what lies over the event horizon? A 2008 Universe Today article informs it’s strictly sci-fi to view a black hole as a portal to another universe, “No, a black hole only leads to death…You would be stretched out and torn into pieces, and then those pieces would be torn into pieces.” Scientists have a technical term for it: spaghettification! Recently, in a Next Big Future article, Russian Professor Vyacheslav Dokuchaev suggests complex features of some black holes, may make it plausible to exist safely in orbit around its center without getting completely sucked into the black holes’ center or singularity? You can get to know your galactic neighborhood with these articles without the need for a hitchhiker’s guide!

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