What Really Happened At Sandy Hook?

Brother Nathanael Kappner of brovids.com summarizes few of unanswered questions about Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre. Kappner asks why first responders weren’t allowed to enter school or reason state troopers assigned to victims’ families? An ironic Kappner supplies reason for trooper assignments to families: “to keep the press away.” Or, is it the other way around?

Regarding Dr. Wayne Carver, medical examiner, whose curious press conference statements following incident raised eyebrows, Kappner points out Carver reported victims killed with long guns, but now, mainstream media maintains handguns used. Kappner asserts reason for change is a national gun registry Senator Dianne Feinstein announced recently that specifically will target handguns with the goal of revoking concealed gun permits! “Jews want to see the Goyim gunless,” says Kappner.

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