What Will Phobos Grunt Mission Uncover?

What Will Phobos Grunt Mission Uncover?Russian space probe Phobos Grunt set to launch December 25, 2011. The probe would achieve orbit around Mars, December 2012. Mars Express probe captured images in March 2010 during a flyby at a distance of just 60 miles. The landing site targeted by the Grunt mission to capture soil samples and return pictured here. The images are reported to be invaluable to mission planners. Richard Hoagland discusses Mars Express images on a recent edition of The Unexplained with Howard Hughes. Hoagland believes Phobos is an ancient artificial satellite severely eroded to reveal artificial construction just beneath its surface. Hoagland comments in interview,think of it as a Titanic exploration [Ballard] on a titanic scale,” firmly sees DNA if not bodies recovered from one-third hollow artificial satellite.

The former CBS science adviser notes majority of Mars missions have failed and revisits the controversial Phobos 2 mission. The alien spaceship is a cover story for reported loss of the Russian satellite, according to Hoagland, intended to dissuade inquiry. A previous blog entry covers intense interest in the Martian moon and the abrupt, ill-fated loss of Russian probe in 1989. The departure and destination arrival dates generate interest, as it seems, an occult connection to the dates may exist? Will the mission fail or mysteriously disappear to suffer same fate as the majority of past attempts?

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