When Elites Attack (Each Other): Rupert, Tom, Cher and More

Murdoch Hits Scientology After Celebrity Breakup
from ibnlive.com: News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch took a swipe at Tom Cruise on Sunday in a series of tweets that labeled the Hollywood star a No. 2 or No. 3 person in the hierarchy of Scientologists, a group the media mogul called ‘creepy.’

Cher Refuses To Back Down From Anti-Mormon Slur
from abc4.com: Cher is refusing to back down from a Twitter comment she posted on Friday that is considered a slur against members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints… Cher’s tweet said: “I Feel if he doesn’t get all his DUCKS IN A ROW we’ll b forced 2 listen 2Uncaring Richy Rich! The whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR in the WHSome news agencies reported that LDS leaders were upset over the reference to the garment won by faithful adult members of the church to remind them of sacred temple ordinances.

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