Whitney Houston worth more dead to Illuminati?

Whitney Houston worth more dead to Illuminati?

Everyone remembers Whitney Houston and her well-publicized personal battles with drugs. Is the simple, obvious conclusion – that Houston’s death was just another drug casualty – the correct one? There’s a sick feeling associated with her demise on 2/11/12 at age 48. The website, In Search of Black Assassins, may be closer to the truth, “as in the case of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston has become more valuable to the ILLUMINATI dead than alive.” Where huge assets are involved, an obvious drug overdose in a bathtub, should be suspended until further inquiry. Alex Jones makes video statement on Whitney Houston, blaming prescription drugs. Vigilant Citizen (VC) wonders in writing, What Happened to Whitney Houston? VC points to slashes on her wrists and blood on her legs seen briefly before her death and wonders, “was Whitney’s death an actual sacrifice or simply the result of years of abuse? The present writer can’t escape feeling – a pattern is there – another highly managed pop star became worth more dead than alive to the monied interests who work behind the scenes!

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  1. jana Avatar

    This could be connected to the Super Bowl Halftime full moon ritual. There was much emphasis on female icons, so a female star who is well known throughout the world could have easily been their sigil. In order for the magic to work, a sigil must be destroyed before the new moon.

    Of course with most practical magicians, sigils are made of paper, wood, wax, etc. not living, breathing, human beings.

    It makes you wonder what these people need to manifest so badly…

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