Who Are You, Mr. Putin?

Who Are You, Mr. Putin?Who are you, Mr Putin? Viacheslav Lutsenko shares observations on symbolic dates connected to Vladimir Putin’s rise to power. Lutsenko notes significant dates in New Dawn article (bottom of page),“…Putin was made Prime Minister of Russia on August 9 1999 during the week of the solar eclipse and the Grand Cross alignment of planets. Appointed by President Boris Yeltsin during a highly auspicious astrological event, a time to be traditionally held as an end of an epoch. Then nine months later – the period of human gestation – he was officially inaugurated as President of the Russia Federation at noon on May 7, 2000…In an impressive ceremony, Vladimir Putin entered the awesome Kremlin Palace and…two gold leaved doors opened before him and he entered the beautiful St. George room (pictured left) where throngs of people were waiting to greet him. He then continued on to the glorious St. Andrew throne room (pictured right) where the Tsars of Russia were crowned.” Alice Bailey said, in 1947, Russians are the spiritual custodian of a revelation that is sensed by the other nations in the world. “Russia stands for a new world consciousness,” a quote from Bailey’s book “Problems of Humanity”. Lutsenko concludes article, “Mother Russia will give birth to new paths and not repeat the errors of the West.”

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