‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ Lifts Veil On Geo-Engineering

from farmwars.info: WHY in the World are They Spraying?” lifts the veil on a major geo-engineering agenda that is at the forefront of our fight for food sovereignty. There are people who are working full time at controlling the food and thereby, controlling the population while maximizing profit at the expense of those whom they profit from, and like a tick that sucks the blood from its host with no thought whatsoever of the host’s health or well being, these people put profit ahead of life. And it appears that they may be spraying our skies… I can’t begin to tell you how geo-engineering can change the face of agriculture as we know it. Small farmers and homesteaders survive off of what they grow. Mega corporations do not. They survive off of a gullible public’s ability to not care what they put in their stomachs just as long as it tastes good. They subjugate, enslave, torture and kill both people and animals with their CAFOs, antibiotic overuse, genetically engineered crops and feed (GMOs), toxic pesticides, and backwards thinking that puts man and nature at odds with each other, both fighting for survival in a steep downward spiral that can only end in disaster. WHY??? Profit, power, control, you name the excuse, the profiteers have it. And they sound so logical and so convincing. That is, until you look around with eyes wide open and determine for yourself why everyone you know is sick and spending a fortune on medical bills. GMOs and toxic chemicals have a tendency to do that to a person.

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