why was mike malloy fired?

i don’t believe there’s been definitive word on why air america fired mike malloy. the reason cited publicly was ‘financial.’ however, the prevailing idea coming from the neocon’s is that maybe mike malloy was fired because he dared to let webster griffin tarpley drop some knowledge for a few hours on august 3. (download this episode for yourself here & get smart)

cliff kincaid’s article for the conservative voice does raise some interesting points: air america is struggling financially and was hoping to score some big bucks from george soros & the democracy alliance. then tarpley gets on and tells it like it is, mainly that the left-gatekeepers are just as bought, sold & phony as their right counterparts.

now, of course, kincaid goes on to belittle webster griffin tarpley & equate the 9/11 truth movement with them ayrab terrists. but the initial thesis is what’s most interesting to me. it reminds of the story dramtized in the film, the insider. basically the idea is, “shut up and stop telling the truth, you’re getting in the way of our money!”

ah, but now we’re getting somewhere… maybe it wasn’t just 9/11 truth, maybe it was the other sacred cow of the phony left: mike malloy broke the 11th commandment – thou shalt not criticize the state of israel.

from sf indybay: Malloy’s termination comes at a time when he’s been highly critical of Israel for its aggressive military attacks upon civilians both in Lebanon and Palestine. Many people are now asking whether Malloy’s termination is related to such criticism… Several weeks ago, Malloy boldly stated on the air that he reserved the right to criticize any country for its corrupt policies, including Israel. He said that if anyone had a problem with that, they should take it up with his boss.

kurt nimmo’s thinks that instead of webster griffin tarpley, maybe it was alex jones‘ fault. “It should be noted that Alex Jones, both a thorn and persona non grata for the corporate media—and Air America is the corporate media—was interviewed on Malloy’s show on August 8, and then Malloy appeared on Jones’ show on August 10…” (download this episode for yourself here & get even smarter)

nimmo goes to say that, “It should also be noted that Malloy, while not definitively stating nine eleven was an inside job, certainly does not believe the official version, so readily embraced by the “progressive left” and its foundation money and academic gatekeepers, including Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, and Air America’s Al Franken, to name but a few… Let’s hope Malloy gets picked up by another radio network. Maybe Genesis Communication Network or Republic Broadcasting Network can find a slot for him.”

i wholeheartedly agree, give a big one finger salute to air america and say ‘good riddance.’

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Great news! Mike is back in one of the largest radio market–Los Angeles–to host his weekly show on KTLK 1150 a.m. I had the honor to be the first–I am flattered–to welcome Mike home to Los Angeles’ KTLK, (the same station that hosts Clear Channel, Jones’ Radio and yes, Air America Radio,) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. When Mike was on KTLK during his stint with Air America Radio, his show was rebroadcast from 9 p.m. to midnight. Today, you can hear him live with his beautiful, smart and intelligent wife Kathy Bay, who spins a mean classic rock C.D. for their bumper music and if were lucky, their lovely, talented and progressive daughter Good Golly Miss Molly!

    As for the Israel bit, Mike is not anti-semitic. He’s an atheist and believes in no religion, so to accuse him of being a Jew-hater is downright (and if I could quote John Wayne) RiGoddamndiculous. He loves the people and the culture but feels that religion destroys the essence of humanity. And if Mike were a Jew-hater (not the religion, the people), then please explain to all the listeners like me, being of Japanese ancestry, why he never offends me or my culture? BECAUSE HE’S ANTI RELIGION NOT ANTI-HUMANISM. So lets welcome home Mike and keep him going on and on forever in Los Angeles. And if you’re a Republican who wants to bash Mike by calling him a Jew (the people not the religion)hater? Don’t, he hates you and won’t allow you on his show.

    Tim From Los Angeles

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