Wikileaks: Cyber-Cointelpro?

Cablegate: Wikileaks unveils secret State Dept. cables…
Wayne Madsen reports Asian intelligence sources feel strongly Wikileaks is linked to US computer espionage operations. Wikileaks cries persecution by US intelligence when it is intelligence itself, according to Madsen’s sources. Madsen writes in “CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks”, his sources also view Wikileaks as part and parcel of a cyber-COINTELPRO campaign as proposed by President Obama’s information czar, Cass Sunstein. Article provides an amazing detailed history of Wikileaks from making the CIA unhappy by diverting too many funds to the MOSSAD to its move to Iceland, and how it’s believed, George Soros is behind it. It’s a must read article to appreciate how speculators like Soros operate on the world stage.

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