Wikileaks Under Surveillance Over Forthcoming Military Murder Video

Dutch translation: US authorities deal with Wikileaks
Wikileaks Under Surveillance Over Forthcoming Military Murder Videofrom Employees of whistleblower site Wikileaks claim to be monitored and maintained by employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Icelandic authorities. The occasion would be a video, which an air of Americans to see.

On April 5 to Wikileaks at a meeting of the National Press Club in Washington a video showing an attack by the U.S. Air Force. It would involve a murder carried out by the Pentagon. The staff of the site also draw on information from CIA aircraft have as supporting evidence.

Wikileaks claims on Twitter regarding the upcoming screening to be at work. Employees would be monitored by the U.S. and Icelandic authorities. These are photos and videos taken of the employees, an employee is 22 hours would be arrested and tried to get the video.

Employees express on Twitter concern: “If anything happens to us, it is the video of April 5.

The Web site Wikileaks is very controversial, because the documents of governments and companies with scandals reveals. Last year the site was ordered by a U.S. court concluded ten days, because the Swiss bank Julius Baer about his money laundering in the Cayman Islands did not read back online.

That Iceland is involved in the story has to do with the fact that the site is trying to go to escape. Currently there working on a number of legislative amendments, which should provide legal protection for journalists and whistleblowers. This Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, the country attractive to the establishment of data centers to lure.

Wikileaks currently faces major financial problems and trying to secure the continued existence by asking donations.

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