William Cooper: Manipulated Misinformant?

William Cooper: Manipulated Misinformant?Norio Hayakawa, ufo researcher, recollects his association in “William Cooper: a manipulated misinformant of the 90’s?” A personal view brings to life the late Cooper, author of underground classic, “Behold A Pale Horse.” Hayakawa rubbed shoulders with Cooper at the dawn of the modern ufo movement in the late eighties, which meant observing Area 51 from the roadside and tops of ridges. Later, Cooper moved into the patriot movement and a popular shortwave radio program in the nineties, “The Hour of Our Time”.

The present writer suggests listening to Cooper’s well-known Babylon Series. A must see 90 minute video is, “The Hour of Our Time — The Legacy of William Cooper,” narrated by associate Doyle Shamley, which includes Cooper’s November 6, 2001 death at the authorities’ hands in front of his home in Edgar, Arizona. Bill Cooper died almost two months after 9/11, an event he predicted in the preceding months.

Cooper influenced Hayakawa with “..his hypothesis on the ‘Secret Government’. It really sounded so fresh at that time because unlike most UFO speakers of that time, he convincingly injected “UFOs” to a “one-world government” right-wing flavored conspiracy theory”.  A very interesting note, Hayakawa could no longer buy the extraterrestrial hypothesis by 1993 and began to promote that “..the entire UFO phenomena was a brilliantly concocted, staged and manipulated man-made deception by elitists to bring about certain agendas”.

“I was quite surprised to learn that, later on, Bill Cooper also began to depart from ‘ufology’ and was also beginning to hypothesize that “UFOs” had nothing to do with “aliens” but was a manipulation of the government to bring about fear to create a one-world government. Cooper began to admit that he most likely had been shown disinformation by the government while he was in military service. On this point, I truly commended Cooper for his admission. Cooper began to state that he was no longer a ‘ufologist’. It was Cooper who coined the term ‘ufoology’ and I also commended him for it. We both totally departed from ‘ufoology’.”

Hayakawa spoke at Cooper’s funeral on November 15, 2001 and did not pull punches in how he remembered Cooper with remarks such as obnoxious, egotistical and an alcoholic. The veteran ufo researcher does not believe Cooper was a paid disinfo agent. “I tend to believe that he was simply drawn into and manipulated into being an unwitting participant in this strange world of ‘conspiratology’.”

Was William Cooper drawn into the conspiracy movement or a paid disinfo agent? It cannot be overlooked Cooper was, at one time, in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Cooper’s naval career along with other objections supporting a disinfo view of the man, can be taken in at Bill Cooper Disinfo. A nice treatment of Cooper can be listened to here, it’s pointed out on this podcast, Cooper held a very similar position to Fletcher Prouty. Cooper prepared briefs for the Pacific Fleet as Prouty did so at the Pentagon. William Cooper remains interesting and mysterious. It seems to the present writer, if Cooper was a disinfo agent the agenda gave up too much to misdirect us? On another level perhaps, it’s all intended to confuse and distract?

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    … Cooper retracted his opinion of UFOs publicly and refused to be manipulated into misinformation. Look it up.

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