woman sat dead in front of tv for 42 years

woman sat dead in front of tv for 42 yearsfrom daily record: The remains of a woman have been found sitting in front of her TV – 42 years after she was reported missing. Hedviga Golik, who was born in 1924, had apparently made herself a cup of tea before sitting in her favourite armchair in front of her black and white television.

Croatian police said she was last seen by neighbours in 1966, when she would have been 42 years old… “The cup she had been drinking tea from was still on a table next to the chair she had been sitting in and the house was full of things no one had seen for decades. Nothing had been disturbed for decades, even though there were more than a few cobwebs in there.”

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  1. marcus Avatar

    what a sad story, but ha ha ha! what a message! TURN OFF YOUR TVs!!!!!!

    c’mon everyone! big respect for all warriors of hope out there!! keep going!!!

    One Love!!!! x x x x

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