zeus attack kit: a steal for cybercriminals

zeus attack kit: a steal for cybercriminalsZeus attack kits are filling a niche in best spirit of capitalism and with as much moral perspective! Attack or exploit kits, as they are known in the industry, are growing more prevalent. You can become a cybercriminal without technical expertise or time dedicated to build your own exploit! Symantec, internet security firm and maker of Norton Anti-Virus, issued a recent threat report on proliferation of this cybercrime. Symantec TV also provides eye-opening video: Attack Toolkits in 90 seconds. A News.com.au article surveys threat posed by attack kits. Zeus sells for $700. "Other known crimeware tools include the Fragus Exploit Kit and the Spyeye." An M86 Security Lab Report supplies a nice history and growth of this cyber-threat! A must read for anyone interested in offensive computing!

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 27, 2022 ♬