zombie apocalypse: loss of full awareness and agency

zombie apocalypse: loss of full awareness and agencyIs there something more to a recent emergency awareness campaign by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu believes there is in his insightful article, “The Meaning of ‘Zombie Apocalypse’,” where a seeming hip approach to preparedness provides cover for a vaccination apocalypse. L’Hommedieu informs, “imagine this: multiple vaccinations incorporating the destructive power of millions of molecular “chainsaws” from a variety of neurotoxins such as, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and a host of other toxic chemical ingredients.” The implication is clear, vaccination is a form of zombification!

From a nineties Lancet article, zombification, according to Haitian lore, is the successful separation of the individual’s “corps cadavre” (body) with its animating principle, “gwo-don anj,” from “ti-bon anj” (agency, awareness and memory). The poster (pictured) poses directive “are you ready” as in “get ready” for a Zombie Attack! In reality, our toxic environment, which includes lucrative Big Pharma vaccination business, has had Americans in its cross-hairs for years! It’s a creeping horror of cumulative assaults upon the human body until final submission in an unblinking daze! Is there a better form of mind control?

Zombies make for a fascinating subject, filled with temptations. Bela Lugosi in White Zombie will entertain you with movie plot, where young man attempts to lure woman but turns her into a zombie slave! Is it so hard to see it’s all an agenda to manipulate people for purposes other than their own?

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