Zombie Meme: “…Teenager Tried to Eat Me in Buffalo…”

Zombie meme is alive!  Astute observers have to question, “what’s going on here?” IntelliHub reports, “…Gary Yuzbashev, who filmed the shocking encounter on May 18, 2013 …claims the kid tried to eat him.” Intellihub quotes Yuzbashev: “‘This teenager tried to eat me in Buffalo after I got out of my car and ran over to the scene of a car accident. As a police officer tries to approach him, the teen lashes out and starts kicking and flailing his arms. In the end, it took seven police officers to get him under control after back up was called.'” What’s left out of report are obvious symptoms that only come from a highly toxic substance. This is a toxic delirium. Are these recurring zombie attacks just bad drugs put out on the street?  Are “bath salts” the culprit reported in current incident a bioweapon illicitly tested on public much like CIA clandestine experiments with  LSD in fifties and sixties? The present writer bets the latter.  It’s been little over a year since Ronald Poppo suffered horrific attack in Miami.  Zombie meme lives on, you may check out 2012 coverage here.  Does this represent an agenda of pure mayhem to diminish people, make them into less than fully human figures – zombies – worthy of detainment or worse?

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