1.8 Million Dead People Currently Registered To Vote

1.8 Million Dead People Currently Registered To Votefrom ibtimes.com: According to statistics released by the Pew Center of the States (PDF Embedded Below), at least 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote. Additionally, 24 million voter registrations have some serious errors. While there is little suspicion of voter fraud, many people have pointed out the serious consequences of using such a flawed system.

One of the biggest problems with voter registration is that Americans are constantly moving across state lines. When they move, they are supposed to alert local election offices so that their previous states can be notified. But very few actually do and as a result, almost 3 million people in the U.S. are registered to vote in more than one state.

Pew has made several suggestions that could mend the current system. One way to improve voter registration would be to implement the system electronically. The voter databases could then be cross-checked against other government databases, such as motor vehicle registries or death records from the Social Security Administration.

Some states are also joining an experimental program that will allow them to share voter information between databases to reduce duplicates. The digital program could ultimately allow for easier voter registration and a much more streamlined registry – an imperative step considering that 52 million eligible voters are not registered to vote in the upcoming presidential elections at the end of this year.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Here is a very simple method for greatly reducing the likelihood of election fraud.

    As I see it, the biggest problem with all of the current systems of voting is that after each voter casts their vote, there is no way for them to verify that their vote gets counted correctly. After casting their ballot, each voter must then simply hope for the best.

    I propose that each voter should be assigned an anonymous voter id. This anonymous id could be reassigned during each election to alleviate any privacy fears. At the end of the election, all of the votes cast by each voter id are publicly displayed on a government website. This way each voter would be able to verify that their vote was properly counted, yet their vote would still remain anonymous. Everyone would also be able to verify the vote totals by simply summing up all the displayed votes.

    With this method, the public could self-police the election results. Also, it does not matter what process is used to collect the votes such as mail-in ballots, electronic voting, paper ballots, etc. Any method used for collecting the votes would ultimately still be self-policed by the public.

    Ideally, each ballot would be signed by the voter to minimize illegitimate claims of fraud.

    Could you please tell me if you agree that this is a good idea or if you see any flaws in the approach.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Voter ID that's re-assignable….ya that's the answer…add more to their idea of RF ID that is already hackable and crackable. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!!!

    More of the same wrong I would imagine.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    It would make more sense to turn this crooked system from a "SELECTION" system into a REAL Election system first before trying out new toys
    that won't solve a deeper problem.

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