10/6 Newspurge: Cause Together We Can Make It Great

germany reopens 100s of cases of nazi death camp guards*

video: hitler letter bought by simon wiesenthal center for $150k*

video: ‘the simpsons’ future looks dim;

'the simpsons' future looks dimfox exec says this could be the last season*
nbc’s playboy club canceled after 3 episodes*
estevez says new film ‘the way’ inspired by ‘wizard of oz’*
charles napier, veteran actor from rambo & blues brothers, dies 75*
scotus declines music download case*
video: hank williams jr. apologizes for hitler-obama comparison as espn drops singer’s iconic theme*
a free-form festival, wide open to outsiders:
all tomorrow’s parties festival at asbury park, nj
frances bean cobain buys a $1.8m los angeles-area home*

plane hits ferris wheel in australia; no one injured*

plane hits ferris wheel in australia; no one injured1 dead in helicopter crash off manhattan*
body discovered in oregon as police continue manhunt for boyfriend-girlfriend duo*
police hunt couple over murder, 2 disappearances*
update: couple connected to missing oregon teen caught in california*
video: don lapre of ‘tiny newspaper ads’ infomercial commits suicide in police custody at 47*
2 vacancies on fbi 10 most wanted list*
video: nj cops kill man, stifle 1st amendment, unleash riot police*
after 2 killed in california workplace shooting, 2nd shooting reported*
cupertino quarry shooting suspect who killed 3, wounded 7 still on loose*
update: police kill suspect in california triple slaying*
uk father of three attacks teen after ‘dying’ in ‘call of duty’*
biden brother hospitalized for exposure to suspicious powder*

obamessiah updates:
obama campaign borrows from bush ’04 playbook*

paul says obama has committed an impeachable offense*
sarah palin will not run for president*
cain’s 9-9-9 math raises questions on revenue*
checkbooks out, please: romney coming to portland oct14*

wv worry:
democrat wins west virginia governor’s race*

wv issues trump obama in governor’s race, but barely*
poll numbers should raise concern for rockefeller*

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