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10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere

10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere

from oracletalk.com: Americans are slowly realizing that food sold in the US doesn’t just taste different than foods sold in other countries, it’s created differently. Sadly, many U.S. foods are BANNED in Europe — and for good reason. Take a look at the plummeting health of Americans; what role might toxic foods play in our skyrocketing disease rates?

Below are 10 American foods that are banned elsewhere:

#1: Farm-Raised Salmon - Where it’s banned: Australia and New Zealand
#2: Genetically Engineered Papaya - Where it’s banned: The European Union
#3: Ractopamine-Tainted Meat - Where it’s banned: 160 countries across Europe, Russia, mainland China and Republic of China (Taiwan).
#4: Flame Retardant Drinks - Where it’s banned: Europe and Japan
#5: Processed Foods and Artificial Food Dyes - Where it’s banned: Norway and Austria. Britain advised companies against using food dyes by the end of 2009. The European Union requires a warning notice on most foods containing dyes.
#6: Arsenic-Laced Chicken - Where it’s banned: The European Union
#7: Bread with Potassium Bromate - Where it’s banned: Canada, China and the EU
#8: Olestra/Olean - Where it’s banned: The UK and Canada
#9: Preservatives BHA and BHT - Where it’s banned: Both are banned in parts of the European Union and Japan; the UK doesn’t allow BHA in infant foods.
#10: Milk and Dairy Products Made with rBGH - Where it’s banned: Australia, New Zealand, Israel, EU and Canada

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