1/21 newspurge: waiting for the hammer to fall

9/11 updates:
would you recognize osama if you saw him?*
would you recognize osama if you saw him?US photo of how osama may look*
spanish politician flays fbi over bin laden photo*
what john farmer does & doesn’t say*
brown justifies denying 9/11 rescue workers aid: ‘we had to take care of our own priorities first’*
1000+ architects & engineers officially demand new 9/11 investigation*
former malaysian prime minister says 9/11 attacks were staged: ‘if they can make avatar, they can make anything.’*

un climate body admits ‘mistake’ on himalayan glaciers*
un climate body admits 'mistake' on himalayan glaciersfirst climategate, now glaciergate*
6 deadly chemicals you’re carrying in your body*
too much sitting can kill*
insult to injury: why we must oppose the who global tax proposals*

council of europe will investigate and debate on ‘faked pandemic’*
france alarmed over anthrax-tainted heroin in europe*
utah fights to keep out foreign radioactive waste*
cold inflicted major toll on fish in florida*
is the h1n1 swine flu vaccine causing miscarriages?*
1000s in US died from h1n1 even after receiving vaccine*
how did school staffers get insulin instead of flu vaccine?*

200 bank failures expected in 2010*
fake gold bars in bank of england & ft knox*
rothschilds & rockefellers: trillionaires of the world*
billy bragg in fbook protest as he refuses to pay income tax unless rbs bonuses are curbed*
ex-morgan stanley, new eqt director found dead in munich*
police arrest 3 in murder of dirk von poschinger-camphausen*
japan airlines files for bankruptcy protection*
fbi sting nets 22 executives charged with paying bribes abroad*
airline revenue in worst plunge on record*
half of US states have run out of money for unemployment insurance*
video: sen. ron wyden (d-or) on conspiracy theories & audit the fed*
bradbury would create ‘bank of oregon’ if he were governor*

aborigines to ask prince william to return warrior’s severed head*
secrets of josef mengele for sale*

video: steve jones interviews billy corgan:
haarp, gmo’s & the illuminati
top 10 most overrated directors of all time (according to a conservative blog)*
lil wayne’s on fire: a video about occult initiation*
la prosecutor: polanski cannot be sentenced in absentia in child sex case*
james cameron: ‘i believe in eco-terrorism’*
man died after watching ‘avatar’*
‘avatar’ banned in china*
naomi klein on how corporate branding has taken US over*
air america, the talk radio network, will go off the air*

twilight language: 8 dead in appomattox, virginia shootings*
man surrenders after 8 killed in virginia shooting*
virginia shooting suspect surrenders*
explosives found at home of suspected virginia gunman*
man is charged with murder in 8 shootings*

obamessiah updates:
stats on obama year one: from national debt to iraq*
stats on obama year one: from national debt to iraq‘even charles manson could beat him now’*
obama fails to end ‘too big to fail’ syndrome*
obama to nationalize student lending with pending budget bill*
obama heckled, brown surges & dems panic*

brown win in massachusetts: rise of the independents & the tea party*
why martha coakley lost*
massachusetts senate race:
a populist protest vote against wall street puppets
kucinich shreds dems for betraying promise of change*
guantanamo prison remains open despite obama’s deadline*

police state int’l:
sen. kay bailey hutchison’s border plan:
merge homeland security & local law enforcement
al-jazeera doc links tea party movt to white supremacists*
obama executive order seeks to ‘synchronize & integrate’ state & federal military forces*
pdd 51 & new executive order give obama dictator power*
human rights abusers ‘turned on activists in 2009’*
tsa nominee withdraws; leadership still vacant: who was erroll southers?*
embattled tsa nominee southers withdraws*
fire breaks out on property of nasa’s langley research center in hampton, va*
pantex nuclear weapons plant locked down after hunters*
mumbai cops game for a reality check*
video: cops arrest football fan for rooting wrong team*
the eyes have it: high-tech tools add to anti-crime arsenal*
download poster: ‘attack of the body scanners’*
officials evacuate terminal at jfk airport due to security breach*
authorities: man opened restricted door at jfk*
sen schumer cites ‘failures’ in airport breaches*
video: jet diverted when jewish item mistaken as bomb*

did somebody say police state?*
it was no joke at security gate:
tsa agent gone after planting baggie of white powder in luggage
intel chief says fbi was too hasty in handling of attempted bombing*
rand/army-sponsored report suggests new ‘police force’*
(“stability police force for US: justification & options for creating US capabilities” [885kb PDF])
olbermann on scotus’ decision: freedom of speech … destroyed*

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