12:60 Timing Frequency or Time = Money

12:60 Timing Frequency or Time = Money

Does Gregorian calendar steal your time and ultimately your life?  Galactic Information Booth at lawoftime.org offers brief explanation of "12:60 and 13:20" timing frequencies.  Our current method of keeping time, or perhaps, time keeping us, is based, on 12:60 timing also known as mechanistic time or "time is money."  12:60 refers to arbitrary division of calendar year into twelve months and equally artificial division of day into 60 minute units!  Our present timekeeping system dates back, according to article, to ancient Babylonia: and "...the final historical form of the
12-month system was instituted in 1583 by the Vatican as the Gregorian
calendar, which is now accepted as the standard in use world-wide. Sixty
refers to the equally arbitrary division of the day into 24 (2 x 12)
hours of 60 minutes each. The result of the 12:60 is the creation of a
timing frequency whose mental field of consciousness is dominated by
mechanization and a third-dimensional science of space-matter."

Readers may intuitively grasp how measuring time, becomes tantamount, to a money-keeping system.  More important, article observes, "unconscious acceptance of this 12:60 timing frequency is the single most contributing factor to the problem of human alienation from nature."

Does simple matter of watching a clock prove a fateful decision?  Does act of measuring time lock a person into three dimensions to become only an object within his environment and divorced from nature?  These questions are well worth your time - pun intended - but you will have to read 13:20 timing frequency on your own nickel here!

#PumpUpThaVolume: July 1, 2022